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Alesis SR16 Drum Sample Machine Review

The Alesis SR-16 is well known throughout the music community and has been for some time. If you hang around producers and artists, odds are you’ve met someone who’s used one at some point or another; if you listen to a wide variety of music, you’ve heard a song featuring this drum machine. The reason for this is simple. While everyone has their particular taste and needs, there’s one thing everyone looks for in a drum machine – realistic sounds. The Alesis SR-16 is quite possibly the best drum machine in this regard. Here’s a breakdown of everything this drum machine has to offer.

It has Great Sound Quality

As previously mentioned, the realism behind the Alesis SR-16’s drum samples can’t be beaten by any other drum machine (this may be up for debate, depending on who you ask). The fact that users can actually “play” the drums harder and softer merely accentuates this quality.  The samples that come with the machine are also highly regarded.  If I had to pick the winners, I would say that the kick and snare drum samples are my favorite.

The Preset Patterns are Great

All of the Alesis SR-16’s preset set patterns were played in-studio by professional drummers. Whether you’re looking for a bass-heavy hip-hop beat or a complex pattern reliant upon symbols such as what you might expect to find in progressive metal, you’ll no doubt find what it is you’re looking for.

Users have a Lot of Wiggle Room

Nearly everything is programmable on the Alesis SR-16. No matter the sound you’re looking for, with a bit of perseverance, you can make every drum sample sound just the way you want. This flexibility carries over into other aspects of the drum machine. With the Alesis SR-16, a lot is left up to the user.

The Verdict

This setup is going to cost some money; there’s no doubt about that. Although, if you have the money to burn and simply want the best, the Alesis SR-16 is worth it every time. Every type of user will find exactly what they’re looking for in their drum machine while producing realistic, studio-worthy drum sounds. For those looking to produce their next masterpiece, look no further than the Alesis SR-16.

Free Drum Sample Pack By Dark Side Of The Tune

Dark Side of the Tune has announced the release of a free drum sample library called “Resistance Is Futile, a fantastic collection of sounds produced with a Malekko Richter Dual Borg Filter, a popular analog filter module. Using this filter modularly has allowed Dark Side of the Tune to offer a collection of incredibly rich analog drums which is sure to be a great addition to and sound sample library.

You can download your copy of Resistance Is Futile for free via SoundCloud(10.1 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 54 audio samples in 16-bit & 24-bit WAV format).

Because this free collection is hosted on Google Drive, you have a typical download link appearing in your browser window. Instead, simply click “File,” and the choose “Download from Google Drive” A single ZIP archive will the begin downloading automatically.

NOTE: If you use a RAR archive rather than ZIP, the directory of contents won’t be displayed. This is also useful to know if you host or share files on Drive.

Dark Side of the Tune has released some really good free drum kits recently, and Resistance Is Futile is said to be just as good, if not better, largely because of the fact that an analog Dual Borg Filter module was used this time round. Using this particular module to filter a collection of noise sources, and then shaping them high-quality percussive sound, and without question resulted in truly magnificent drum samples suitable for practically any genre.

Another great attribute of this collection is the fact that all the sound samples come in both 32-bit and in 16-bit variations, which is obviously great news if you are still the older 16-bit samplers. Users will also find a set of “round robin” variations for a collection of the one-shots (see those with lower-case labels) which can be very useful if you find yourself having to simulate an unstable out when using analog instruments.

Audio Demo

Check out the Resistance Is Futile audio demo:

The new official J Dilla site is currently being renovated

Welcome to the new and “improved” Official J Dilla page.  This site is dedicated to anything and everything related to the famous producer who left us way too soon.  We’re going to feature all his work and even things that maybe you didn’t know about him.  Stay tuned and please be patient as the site under goes so cosmetic treatment.

Until then please watch this very rare interview with J. Dilla.