The Alesis SR-16 is well known throughout the music community and has been for some time. If you hang around producers and artists, odds are you’ve met someone who’s used one at some point or another; if you listen to a wide variety of music, you’ve heard a song featuring this drum machine. The reason for this is simple. While everyone has their particular taste and needs, there’s one thing everyone looks for in a drum machine – realistic sounds. The Alesis SR-16 is quite possibly the best drum machine in this regard. Here’s a breakdown of everything this drum machine has to offer.

It has Great Sound Quality

As previously mentioned, the realism behind the Alesis SR-16’s drum samples can’t be beaten by any other drum machine (this may be up for debate, depending on who you ask). The fact that users can actually “play” the drums harder and softer merely accentuates this quality.  The samples that come with the machine are also highly regarded.  If I had to pick the winners, I would say that the kick and snare drum samples are my favorite.

The Preset Patterns are Great

All of the Alesis SR-16’s preset set patterns were played in-studio by professional drummers. Whether you’re looking for a bass-heavy hip-hop beat or a complex pattern reliant upon symbols such as what you might expect to find in progressive metal, you’ll no doubt find what it is you’re looking for.

Users have a Lot of Wiggle Room

Nearly everything is programmable on the Alesis SR-16. No matter the sound you’re looking for, with a bit of perseverance, you can make every drum sample sound just the way you want. This flexibility carries over into other aspects of the drum machine. With the Alesis SR-16, a lot is left up to the user.

The Verdict

This setup is going to cost some money; there’s no doubt about that. Although, if you have the money to burn and simply want the best, the Alesis SR-16 is worth it every time. Every type of user will find exactly what they’re looking for in their drum machine while producing realistic, studio-worthy drum sounds. For those looking to produce their next masterpiece, look no further than the Alesis SR-16.